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Increase the value of your Digital Assets by auto-tagging the smart way

Great digital assets require serious investments. Often, those investments do not cover the enablement of reusing digital assets. Storing and adding meta-tags to facilitate re-use is a cost-intensive process. Enter the smart intelligence of Segona.

Imagine the same technology that beat the worlds best human Go-player to also meta-tag all your digital assets for you.

Segona is the first Digital Asset Management tool which takes away the hassle of storing and tagging digital assets manually.


When you upload images to your private Segona archive, we will automagically make these images searchable and findable by objects in the picture, dominant colours, text in the picture and geo location. All metadata that is already present in the image file itself will also be added to your Segona search index.

Segona Media Images
Segona Media Video


When you upload videos to your private Segona archive, we will automagically make these videos searchable and findable by objects in the video (we will search through them every 15 seconds) and dominant colours. We will also transcribe the audio in the video and make that text searchable. Metadata from the video file itself is also indexed and searchable.


Apart from the metadata of an audio file, we will also transcribe the audio stream and make spoken words searchable as well.

Segona Media Audio

Give your assets a second life

By using cloud storage you can prevent ending up in endless IT projects safeguarding your digital assets at high costs. The same cloud that can meta-tag your assets, can also store and manage them. At a price that is unattainable for your own internal IT organisation. Move away from your old SAN and Digital Tape solutions and lower storage costs!

Connectable to any existing system

Using Adobe InDesign? Guess what, we already got you covered! Want to expose all your assets in Segona to other systems? Our APIs have got you covered as well! No more tagging your assets with metadata. Just synchronize your assets with us and we’ll tag them for you!

Technology built to scale

We use the same Machine Learning intelligence Google uses for Google Photos and we apply this to your own assets. Think Google image search, but for your organisation’s own private archive! We are doing our very best to bring you the best and most fancy web interface in the world. However, if you want to use the power of Segona in your current publishing or media solutions without the extra user interface you can always use our APIs.

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