Segona Media

Give the answers your visitors search for.

Even when they don't know what they exactly need.

Why this solution?

Most website users don’t bother with menus. They instantly start searching on your website to find what they need. We created Segona Web to give you the best search experience across your website. Pages, documents and even images are easily findable with one simple search.

It doesn’t stop here. Segona Web will also give users search result suggestions without them looking for something. Based on our experience and earlier behaviour of your visitors, our machine intelligence will give your visitors exactly what they need.

Make every website searchable

Segona Web is easily added to your website. We take care of indexing your content and great search results. You can take care of how the results are presented! Total control of your search capabilities, with the intelligence of Segona Web.

Google driven

Segona Web is created with years of Google Search Appliance (GSA) and Google Site Search (GSS) experience in mind. We know search. With the sun setting of the GSA and GSS offerings, we thought the world was missing out on great Google technology. We bring that back to your website!

Assisted search

Segona Web isn’t like any other search functionality. Of course you can index and search through your website. But we also learn from behaviour of your visitors. Clicks, Search queries and results. We know what your visitor is looking for before they do. And we like to tell them!

Plugins and API's

We have created multiple out-of-the-box plugins to easily start using Segona Web. Wordpress, Drupal, GX and SDL Tridion are easily enriched with Segona Web's capabilities. Of course it doesn't stop there. Segona Web has open APIs so you can include it in any other website as well!



For low visit websites or testing purposes

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